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Rovit Trailblazer™️

Navigate Trails with Virtual and Augmented Reality


Rovit Recommended

Hand-Picked, Top-Quality Content for any Community

City Services

Licensing, Bill Payment, and Event Management

Tours & Trails

Tour & Web Builder

Showcase Your Place & Build Online Presence

Vacation Rentals

Specialized Tours & Tools for nightly and long-term rentals

Rovit TrailBuilder™️

Connect Tours to Business Services


Rovit Live™️

Gamify Your Business with Virtual & Real Treasure Hunts




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pronounced [rohv] [rōv]

1. verb - To travel constantly and freely without a fixed destination; wander

  • [with object] at any age, they enjoyed roving around the world.
  • (as an adjective) as a roving explorer, she found places she otherwise never would have found.
  • (of eyes) his eyes roved the scenery, absorbing the beauty.

2. noun - a journey, especially one with no specific destination; an act of wandering

  • [in singular] a new platform for exploration and discovery is electrifying audiences on its worldwide rove.


How will you Rove, today?

Fun & Exploration

  • Discover Local Attractions
  • Hit the Trails with Rovit TrailBlazer™️
  • Find a place to Eat, Play, or Stay

For Business

  • Customize Your Listing in the Directory
  • Create Custom Environments and Virtual Tours
  • Increase Foot Traffic with Rovit Live and Treasure Hunt

Rovit Niche Products

Happy Trails
To You and Yours

With our unmatched 360-degree pano library, offline maps, the Rovit TrailBuilder™️ and Rovit TrailBlazer™️ software, we've positioned ourselves to offer the best trails and live activity experience available anywhere.

V.R. is for
Vacation Rentals

You put all that time into your vacation rental to have it earn at its full potential. Nothing less. Our tools enable you to

  • Showcase your rental like never before.
  • Recommend and bundle with local experiences.
  • Increase Discovery through Rovit Recommended™️
  • Automate and manage the repetitive stuff. Enjoy your free time.